Long for silence?

We offer a complex solution not only to your office, but also to schools, public places and other common areas.

Functional acoustic features made of high quality materials eliminate noise, reduce stress caused by noise, improve concentration and thus work effectiveness, at the same time it can be a design element of your office.

Cube acoustic boxes and offices create a quite place not only to work, meet or handle an important phone call, but also to escape from work for peace and relaxation.


Desk screens

Freestanding dividers

Acoustic wall panels

Hanging and ceiling acoustic panels

Acoustic furniture


Certified acoustic materials and high quality production


As a producer we offer made-to-measure solutions as well as production of non-standard sizes to meet your specific needs

Wide range of colours

Fabrics of your choice from our standard offer or from your own supplier, metal and wooden parts in any RAL colour

HON a.s.

Quality and tradition since 1924